What it is

The LaserCap® is a portable, medical-grade hair loss treatment system that can be used conveniently at home. It offers the same powerful treatment that patients find in clinics, but in a user-friendly home device.

Where it helps

The LaserCap® is used for treating hair loss on the head. The LaserCap® has proven successful for both men and women.

What it entails

The LaserCap® has been designed to be incredibly easy to use. It fits discreetly inside almost any hat, and it is completely hands-free. The LaserCap® is powered by a small battery pack that clips on to your belt. The device is designed to be worn while you’re participating in any of your regular activities – at home, while you are driving, during exercise, at the office, virtually anytime, anywhere.

What to expect

To use the LaserCap®, simply insert it into any hat that you desire, or the one provided to you. The LaserCap® fits into any hat large enough to hold it, such as a baseball cap, beanie or summer hat. Alternatively, you may wear it without a hat. The LaserCap® comes with a battery pack that is fully rechargeable. Once charged, the battery pack easily connects to LaserCap®.

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