Now that face slimming doesn’t necessarily mean surgery. Strategic  Botox injectionsare one of the most popular way patients use to give their face a slim appearance. When we grind our teeth, or just flex our jaws regularly, we lose that slim appearance. The muscles gain bulk and, in many cases, we end up with a boxy look in our lower face. Botox relaxes these muscles and gives most patients very dramatic results.
Jaw slimming with Botox or other wrinkle relaxers is the safest and most effective way to narrow a lower face that has been altered by a bulging jaw. Botox or Dysport, is used to relax our jaw muscles. When our jaw muscles are relaxed and less tense, they will start to reduce in size and over time, result in a slimmer and sharper face and jawline.


For Botox facial slimming, we inject into the main jaw muscles. It is also important to note that the injections are into the body of the masseter muscles. This is where the bulk of the muscles are and more importantly, injections too close or into the head of the masseters will cause a crooked smile or the inability to smile.


Results will be seen after about 4 weeks. This is the time usually required for the jaw muscles to decrease in size. Results typically last about 6 months. After 6 months, jaw muscles slowly go back to its original size or to slightly smaller than before.

Am i a canidate for BOTOX FACIAL SLIMMING?

Most people are suitable for this procedure. The bigger and squarer your jaw muscles are, the better results you will achieve. People who grind their teeth can also stop their teeth grinding habit with Botox facial slimming as the procedure will relax their jaw muscles and stop the grinding habit, at the same time slimming the jawline. Both Botox and Dysport work in the same way. Some Providers prefer Dysport for jaw slimming as it diffuses and spreads more in larger muscles, and therefore can cover more area during the injection.

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